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Visiting a BMW Factory in Action is an Exciting Experience!

BMW Factory Tour Group at BMW Plant MunichThere are 9 BMW assembly plants in different cities currently offering tours to visitors.  This comprehensive guide will review the list of BMW Group factories with tours, models produced at each site, how to book a tour reservation, the best way to get there, and helpful tips for making the most of your factory visit.  Factories reviewed in this article are located in Germany, Austria, UK, and the US.

Individual or Group Tour?

BMW Employees assembling cars on production lineBMW Factory tours are no longer a free experience (unless you’re collecting a new car from the factory), however the charge for a tour is nominal and is not expensive given the unique offering (often 8 to 15 Euro per person).  For this price you will be in a group of up to 25 people with a tour guide.  At the non-Munich locations, you may actually find your group to be only a few other guests as not as many make the trip to a distant factory.  If you prefer a private tour, simply book an “exclusive” or “group” tour.  You and any travel partner will be the only people in your “group” and will get to ask questions galore of your tour guide and often steer the tour towards your areas of highest interest as you make your way around the factory floor.  The cost for a group tour is not unreasonable, so don’t be afraid to indulge.  BMW also offers reduced rates for the young and old, and BMW Club members (consider joining!).

The BMW Factory Tour Booking Process

In this age of the Internet, booking a BMW factory tour reservation is a relatively easy process, and in many instances can be completely handled online (Links in each factory section below).  However, the key is to plan and reserve well in advance of your travel date.  Some factories only offer English speaking tours on certain days of the week, or in certain weeks of the month(!) so availability can be very limited.  Alternatively, if you only plan to visit BMW Munich for a factory tour, English speaking tours are offered daily on weekdays, and same day tours can sometimes be available, but are never a guarantee.  Being in a city center, the Munich factory has by far the most visitors, and tours are generally fully booked during much of the summer, the Oktoberfest, or the run up to the Christmas season.  If you have your heart set on a tour, start your availability checks as soon as you know dates.  If your visit revolves around visits to specific factories, determine the availability of English-speaking tour dates, and that can help in your overall itinerary plan.

A visit to the BMW production lineConsidering a repeat visit?

If you have toured a factory before and are considering a repeat visit, personal experience has taught me that you will have a different experience with each tour you repeat at a given factory.  Sometimes, certain areas may be closed to visitors and your tour is diverted around a prototype area during one visit.  Sometimes your guide comes from a particular area of expertise within BMW and communicates a passion for a certain area of production that you may have simply walked by on a previous tour.  No two tours will be identical, different or newer model cars will be coming down the line, so don’t talk yourself out of a repeat.  This may be a little less true in the Munich Plant due to the high volume of visitors, ridged schedules, and a more scripted approach for each group, but I have seen different parts of the Munich factory on different visits. 

The BMW Factory Tour List

The New BMW 8 Series in ProductionBelow is an overview map and detail sections with brief descriptions of each BMW Factory (or “plant” as they call them) and the car series or key components that are made there.  You can also find details about tour frequency, cost, proximity of location to a major city (train, car, bus access), and a link to make a tour reservation booking through BMW directly.  If you find yourself arriving to a linked page in German, there is usually an “EN” button on the upper right corner to translate the page into English.  The only exception is BMW Regensburg (factory located an hour outside of Munich) which only has a German language page.  They do offer an infrequent tour in English and it is a special experience, however you’ll need to open that link using a Chrome browser with Google Translate, and you’ll be all set to learn all of the details about booking a tour at this interesting factory.

Click on Map or List Below for Factory Information:


BMW Factory Tour Berlin

Models produced: Motorcycles

BMW motorcycles have been produced in Berlin since 1969. The BMW Group Plant Berlin has developed from a mere production site to the lead plant that supervises BMW assembly plants in Brazil and Thailand and manages global production. To supply local markets, the Berlin plant produces assembly kits, called CKDs (Completely Knocked Down), with individual motorcycle components that are then assembled at the international sites.

BMW Motorcycle Factory Berlin

English speaking tours are offered approximately 2 times each week.  It may be possible to book an English Exclusive tour at other times with prior arrangement.  The BMW Berlin plant also offers an “Afterwork Tour” held at 7:30pm on certain evenings which offers a particularly calm atmosphere.  It’s important to book ahead!

BMW Berlin Tour Details

Berlin Plant Website

Book a Tour at BMW Motorrad Factory Berlin 

Tour Duration: 2.5 hours

Children?: Minimum Age is 14

Tour Cost:

  • Mixed group tour: 8 EUR / 5 EUR Reduced*
  • Individual participants (group up to 25 people)
  • Exclusive tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR Reduced*
  • Afterwork tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR Reduced*

* Reduced ticket prices if corresponding proof is provided for: young people between 14 and 18 years of age, high school and college students over 18 years of age, apprentices, severely disabled persons (accompanying caretakers free of charge), holders of BMW customer card (BMW Card), BMW Club Members.

Getting to the BMW Factory Berlin

Location / Directions:BMW Factory Berlin Production Line

BMW Motorrad – Am Juliusturm 14-38; D-13599 Berlin

Telephone: +49 89 382 15750

From Berlin Main Station – Catch the local train line S7 to Potsdam Hbf, get off at Charlottenburg, short walk to the subway station Wilmersdorfer Straße. From there, take U7 to Rathaus Spandau, get off at Haselhorst. Duration: about 30 minutes.

From Airport Berlin Tegel – About a 15-minute cab ride.  Or take bus line X9 or 109 toward Zoologischer Garten, get off at Jakob-Kaiser-Platz, catch U7 toward Rathaus Spandau and get off at Haselhorst, duration: about 20 minutes.

BMW Factory Tour Dingolfing

Models produced: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (GT), 4 Series Grand Coupe, M5, 5 Series Sedan, 5 Series Touring, 530e iPerformance, 6 Series Gran Turismo (GT), 7 Series, 745e iPerformance, 8 Series Convertible / Cabriolet, 8 Series Coupe, M8 Convertible / Cabriolet, M8 Coupe, M8 Gran Coupe

BMW Factory Dingolfing Quality Check on the production lineThis awesome tour is for the die-hard BMW enthusiast as so many models are produced at this plant. With almost 330,000 cars manufactured annually, the Dingolfing plant is not only one of the BMW Group’s largest sites, but also particularly flexible. The site in Lower Bavaria produces over a dozen different variants of six different model series – the BMW 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series.

Apart from finished vehicles, Dingolfing also manufactures numerous vehicle components for the BMW Group’s global production network. The plant also produces chassis and drivetrain components, including e-drive components for the BMW i and plug-in hybrid models of the BMW Group as well as Individual equipment packages and the car bodies for Rolls-Royce.

Visiting the Dingolfing plant makes an excellent daytrip from Munich either by car or by rail.  Tours in English are only offered on the 2nd Friday morning of each month, or by special prior arrangement, so advance planning is important!

BMW Dingolfing Tour Details

Dingolfing Plant WebsiteBMW Factory Dingolfing Body in White Production Line

Book a Tour at BMW Factory Dingolfing

Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours

Tour Cost:

  • Guided Tour: 8 EUR / 5 EUR reduced*
  • Exclusive Guided Tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR reduced*
  • Groups size: up to 25 participants

Getting to BMW Factory Dingolfing

Location and Directions:

BMW Group Werk Dingolfing – Karl-Dompert-Str. 7; D-84130 Dingolfing

Coming from Munich / Landshut – follow highway A92 in direction of Deggendorf. Leave the highway at exit “Dingolfing-Mitte” and follow the signs to “BMW Werk 2.4, Tor 3”.

Arrival by train – Dingolfing is situated on the railway line Munich–Plattling. When you arrive at the Dingolfing train station, you are only a few minutes by car from the different plants at the site, including the central meeting point for plant tours, the Visitors Center. Taxis are available at the train station.

Nearby Attraction:

Stadt Dingolfing

Museum Stadt Dingolfing (Heritage Museum)

Museum Stadt Dingolfing is a free museum celebrating the historical heritage of the upper Bavarian region and its growth through industrial development – largely due to BMW expansion. The museum is open daily (except Mondays), and is a great place to stop for a lunch after your tour of the BMW factory.  The Italian Restaurant, “Al Monte” ( – open in Google Chrome for Translate) is directly adjacent to the museum and is open from 5pm. (except Mondays and Tuesdays).  The museum is located minutes from the BMW Plant Dingolfing.

Ristorante Al Monte – Obere Stadt 21; D-84130 Dingolfing (Tel. +49 08731 3269911 / )


What is produced at the BMW Factory in Landshut?

While cars are not assembled at this factory, at Landshut they create many components for the BMW i models. Additionally, the team of over 4,100 employees make integral parts used in every BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce:

  •  The Metal Foundry produces more than 5 million cast aluminum and magnesium components each year. 
  • Carbon Fiber body and technology parts are manufactured for all M, i series and 7 series models.
  • More than 260,000 cockpits (center consoles) are produced annually.
  • Among others, 30,000 Electric Motors for the i3, MINI electric and other special models are produced.
  • Landshut is the home of most drive shafts both metal and carbon that are used in BMW plants worldwide.

An emphasis on sustainability goes into all manufacturing processes.

BMW Factory Landshut Electric Motor Production

There are a few different tour opportunities a the Landshut factory including:

Exclusive Tour – Innovations from Landshut in every BMW

Exclusive Tours are for groups of up to 25 people who would like an exclusive insight into the fascination of innovation. You have the choice between an overview of the different technologies and the plant as a whole or we can tailor a tour according to your specific interests. The following technologies can be visited: light metal foundry, CFRP (carbon fiber), cockpit and equipment, plastics exterior, electric drives and special engines. The tour takes approx. 2.5 hours.

This tour can also be booked by individuals.

Highlight Tour

The Highlight Tour has been developed for visitors who are a little short on time and especially for younger students who would like to get to know the plant’s highlights in a compact tour. The Highlight Tour covers the technologies light metal foundry, CFRP as well as electric drives and special engines; tour duration is 1.5 to 2 hours.

BMW i Exclusive Tour – Insights into the mobility of the future

The BMW i Tour shows visitors all the contributions BMW Group Plant Landshut makes to the BMW i models. These include the CFRP car body, the cockpit and the electric drives. The focus is on electro-mobility and lightweight construction. This tour takes approx. 1.5 hours and is for up to 15 participants.

This tour can also be booked by individuals.

Combined Tour “High-Tech Region Lower Bavaria”

Visit the high-tech region of Lower Bavaria and learn more about the BMW Group’s sites in Dingolfing and Landshut. At both plants, you will gain insights into highly innovative and specialized production areas.  The Combined Tour “High-Tech Region Lower Bavaria” has a duration of approximately 5 hours.

NOTE: This combined package is only offered in German, however individual tour bookings at each facility can be made for English speaking.

BMW Landshut Tour Details

Landshut Plant Website BMW Steering Wheel Stitching

Book a Tour at BMW Factory Landshut

Tour Cost:

  • Individual plant tour ticket: 8 EUR / 5 EUR (reduced*)
  • Individual plant tour ticket BMW i: 8 EUR / 5 EUR (reduced*)
  • Exclusive tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR (reduced*)
  • Exclusive tour BMW i: 150 EUR / 120 EUR (reduced*)
  • Combined tour “High-Tech Region Lower Bavaria”: 250 EUR / 220 EUR (reduced*)

Getting to BMW Factory Landshut

Location and Directions:

BMW Werk Landshut – Ohmstrasse 2; D-84030 Landshut

GPS Address for Visitor Center: – BMW Werk 4.1 Tor 2; Meisenstraße 29, 84030 Ergolding

Coming from Munich (Approx. 1 hour):

  • Interstate A92 in direction of Deggendorf.
  • Leave the interstate at exit “Landshut Nord”
  • After 2 km (3rd traffic light) turn left into Industriestraße.
  • After 200 m (traffic lights) turn left into Meisenstrasse.
  • Follow the signs to “BMW Werk 4.1 Tor 2” (BMW Plant Gate 2)
  • Visitor center will be on the left.

Map of Directions (German)

BMW Factory Tour Leipzig

Models produced: BMW 1 Series 5-door coupe, 2 Series Active Tourer, 2 Series Convertible, 2 Series Coupe, 2 Series Grand Coupe, 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer, M2 Competition, i3, i3s, i8** Coupe, i8** Roadster

Assembly at the BMW Factory The BMW Leipzig Factory is one of the most modern and sustainable car plants in the world. BMW cars for customers all over the world are produced there since 2005. More than 960 vehicles per day roll off of the production lines.

Up to 860 cars of the BMW 1 and 2 Series are manufactured in the classic production every day. In addition, the BMW i3 (since September 2013) and the BMW i8 (since May 2014). Green energy for the production of these cars is provided by four purpose-built wind turbines on site.

The plant offers three different tour tracks which may not be offered in English on the same day:

  • Classic Production: The BMW 1 and 2 Series
  • BMW i Production: The BMW i3 and i8**
  • Architectural Tour

** It was announced in January 2020 that BMW i8 Production will be ending around April 2020 to be replaced by future upcoming models. Factory tours may no longer include i8 production.

BWM Leipzig Tour Details

Leipzig Plant WebsiteBMW Factory i Series Production

Book a Tour at BMW Factory Leipzig

Tour Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

Tour Cost:

  • Guided Tour: 8 EUR / 5 EUR reduced*
  • Guided Tour BMW i: 9.50 EUR / 7 EUR reduced*
  • Guided Tour for children: 8 EUR / 5 EUR reduced*
  • Exclusive Guided Tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR reduced*
  • Exclusive Guided Tour BMW i: 180 EUR / 150 EUR reduced*
  • Exclusive Architecture tours: 150 EUR / 120 EUR reduced*      

Getting to BMW Factory Leipzig

Location / Directions:

BMW AG Werk Leipzig – BMW Allee 1; D-04349 Leipzig

Leipzig is approximately 150km (90 miles) from Berlin.

If you are coming by public transport: Take the train to Leipzig Central railway station. From there there are connections to various bus and tram lines which will bring you to the Leipzig plant (“BMW Werk” stop). Up-to-date timetable information can be found on the website of Leipzig Public Transport (LVB). Access to the works is via the entrance to the central building.

If you are coming by car:

  • A9 motorway from the direction of Munich or Berlin.
  • At the Schkeuditz motorway interchange take the A14 motorway towards Dresden and leave the motorway at the exit marked “Leipzig-Messegelände”. Follow the signs to the BMW plant. Visitors should please drive straight along BMW Allee and follow the “Besucher/Visitors” signs. Access to the works is via the entrance to the central building

BMW Factory Tour Munich

Models produced: 3 Series Plug-in-Hybrid 330e, 3 Series Sedan, 3 Series Touring, 4 Series Coupe, M4 Coupe, Engines

BMW Munich Aerial View

Munich is synonymous with BMW and is the birthplace and home of the brand.  The parent plant of the BMW Group is located in the north of Munich, directly across from the Olympic Park. Located just beside the BMW Group plant are the Group Headquarters in the iconic four-cylinder tower, the BMW Museum and the awe-inspiring BMW Welt.

At the Munich location some 8,000 employees from over 50 nations work in innovative production processes and produce approx. 1,000 cars and up to 2,000 engines each day.

If you are collecting a European Delivery vehicle, your tour time will be coordinated with your scheduled delivery. Prepare to spend a good portion of the day at the BMW Welt as there is much to savor in addition to your factory tour.

BMW Factory Production LineFactory Tours are offered individually or in combination of:

  • BMW GROUP Factory Tour (Guided)
  • BMW WELT Tour (Guided and self-guided)
  • BMW MUSEUM Tour (Guided and self-guided)
  • BMW GROUP Classic Tour (Guided)
  • BMW Recycling and Dismantling Tour (Guided)
  • BMW European Delivery – Collecting your new BMW (article)
  • BMW Genius Service (one on one with a specialist)
  • BMW On Demand (Rent a BMW by the hour)

For all Munich tours and experiences, please enjoy this post: BMW Tours in Munich (Factory, Welt, Museum): A Complete Guide specifically dedicated to all BMW GROUP Munich Tour offerings.

BMW Munich Factory Tour Details

Tour Frequency: Factory tours are offered Monday – Friday between 9am and 4:30pm in English and German at scheduled intervals.  Book ahead for your preferred date and time.

Car Assembly at BMW Group Factory MunichTour Duration: 2 Hours

Tour Cost:

  • Single visitors: 12 EUR / 9 EUR reduced*
  • Groups (up to 30 persons): 240 EUR / 200 EUR reduced*

Tour Booking for BMW Munich is done directly via email or phone to BMW and not through the online booking portal that other factory locations use.

  • Book by e-mail: (writing in English is fine, give a range of date options and specify that you want an English-speaking tour and they will reply with availability and booking options)
  • Book by Phone: +44 (0) 89 1250 16001 The representative may answer in German but will respond in English as soon as you say “hello”. (From American landline dial: 01149 89 1250 16001, from a Cell Phone dial +49 89 1250 16001 – the (0) is omitted and only used for local calling.  The + plus sign may be entered by long pressing the zero key. Time difference should be considered if calling.)

Getting to BMW Factory Munich

BMW Factory Munich Location / DirectionsBMW Factory Munich - Line of completed cars

BMW Welt – Am Olympiapark 1; D-80809 München

Arriving via U-bahn Subway: Take U3 train to Olympiazentrum Station, follow the signs for the 3 minute walk to BMW Welt once you step off the subway train.

The Factory tour meeting point is inside of the BMW Welt at the Tour Desk.  You should arrive 15 minutes in advance of your appointed time.  There is plenty to see and do while you wait.

BMW MINI Factory Tour Oxford (UK)

Models produced: 3-door hatch, 5-door hatch, Clubman

BMW MINI Oxford Factory LineBMW Plant Oxford is the birthplace and heart of MINI production. Manufactured to individual customer specifications, hundreds of MINIs leave the plant’s assembly lines each day, off to meet new owners in more than 110 countries around the world.

Three UK plants have had a part to play in MINI production – Plant Hams Hall makes engines, Plant Swindon produces body pressings and sub-assemblies for MINI, and all this comes together at Plant Oxford with body shell production, paint and final assembly. Presently, Oxford is the only location offering visitor tours.

BMW MINI factory Tours in Oxford are exceptional because most tours are given by retired senior staff and they really know their MINI’s!  This is an EXCELLENT tour and it has the feel and flavor of a BMW factory, but here you can see the manufacturing expertise being applied to the forever fun MINI.

The MINI factory in Oxford is accessible as a day trip from London by Train and then a quick Bus or Taxi ride. Booking your tour in advance is essential. Plant tours are offered only on days with active production (usually Monday to Friday). Tours usually take place at 9 am, 12:30 pm and on occasional evenings during the week.

BMW MINI Oxford ProductionBMW MINI Oxford Tour Details 

Tour Duration: approximately 2 to 2.5 hours

Walking Distance: up to 3.5 kilometers

Tour Cost:

  • Individual visitors will be guided in a mixed tour with max. 15 visitors at £19 per person*
  • Exclusive guided tours cost £220 for a group of maximum 15 people*

*Reduced admission fee (£ 16 per person and £ 175 for exclusive guided tours) with a relevant proof: Children and young people under 18, pupils above 18, students, apprentices, severely disabled visitors and accompanying persons required, holders of a BMW Card, Members of BMW Clubs.

BMW MINI Plant Website

Book a Tour at BMW MINI Oxford 

BMW MINI Oxford auto in twist sling

Getting to BMW MINI Factory Oxford

Location / Directions:

BMW MINI Plant Oxford – Cowley, Oxfordshire, OX4 6NL

(simply inputting the postcode “OX4 6NL” into GPS will locate the factory)

Directions from London by train: Trains leave Paddington Station regularly that make the 55-minute journey to Oxford station.  From Oxford station, you may either take a taxi (directly outside the station) for a 20-minute ride to MINI, or you may take the city bus

The bus journey is approximately 45 minutes and requires 2 busses – It’s quite easy.  Take the #5 Bus towards “Blackbird Leys” (12 stops – getting off at “Marsh Road”), then take the #10 Bus toward “John Radcliffe Hospital” (8 stops – getting off at “Horspath Road Turning Circle” stop).  When you depart the bus, you are at the end of a neighborhood, and the MINI factory can be seen directly across the multi-lane motorway.  Traffic signals will allow you to cross, and the Factory Visitor Entrance will be about a 6-minute walk from the bus stop.

The return journey to the Oxford Train station is basically the reverse: Take the #10 bus at “Horspath Road Turning Circle” stop in the direction of “Oxford City Centre” (10 stops to “Marsh Road” – approx. 12 minutes). Take the #1 bus in the direction of “Oxford City Centre” (12 stops to “Railway Station” stop R2 – approx. 24 minutes).  You will arrive outside of the Oxford train station and will make a return to London Paddington Station.

BMW Factory Tour Regensburg

Models produced: 1 Series, 2 Series Gran Turismo GT, 4 Series Convertible / Cabriolet, M4 Convertible / Cabriolet, X1 Sports Activity Vehicle, X2 Sports Activity Vehicle

BMW Plant Regensburg AssemblyBMW has been producing vehicles for customers in the Regensburg plant since 1986. Nine different vehicle variants are run through the same production facilities in the press shop, body shop, paint shop and assembly and are individually manufactured for each customer. Up to 25,000 guests from all over the world experience the fascination of automobile production in Regensburg every year.

Regensburg factory is located about 90 minutes to the north of Munich by car, or a little over 3 hours by train and makes for a great day trip.  Note that English speaking tours are infrequent and are only offered on Fridays at 3pm.  Exclusive or group tours in English may be arranged for other times with advance planning. An “Exclusive Tour Plus” is also offered which is an expanded version of the Exclusive/Individual tour and adds an extra hour bringing tour duration to 3.5 hours.

BMW Regensburg Tour Details

BMW Factory Production

Tour Duration: 2.5 hour or 3.5 hour

Tour Cost:

  • Guided Tour (mixed group): 8 EUR / 5 EUR Reduced*
  • Exclusive Guided Tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR Reduced*

BMW Regensburg Factory Website  (Open in Google Chrome to translate German)

Book a Tour at BMW Regensburg

Getting to BMW Factory Regensburg

Location / Directions:

BMW Group Plant RegensburgHerbert-Quandt-Allee, Tor 2; D-93055 Regensburg

By Train:

Regensburg Central Station is the stop of numerous regional trains, Interregios, EuroCity and InterCity connections. RVV buses of line 79 run from the bus stop Albertstrasse to the BMW plant (

By Car:

From Munich, Hof / Weiden and Nuremberg / Berlin:  A93 Holledau-Hof coming at the Regensburg junction onto the A3 towards Passau. Leave the motorway at junction 101 Regensburg-Ost. Follow the signs to “BMW Werk”.

From Passau:  A3 towards Regensburg / Nürnberg. Leave the motorway at junction 102 Neutraubling. Follow state road 2145 in the direction of Neutraubling. Follow the signs to “BMW Werk”.


Models produced: X3 M Sports Activity Vehicle, X3 Sports Activity Vehicle, X4 M Sports Activity Coupe, X4 Sports Activity Coupe, X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle, X5 Sports Activity Vehicle, X6 M Sports Activity Coupe, X6 Sports Activity Coupe, X7 Sports Activity Vehicle

BMW Factory Spartanburg

Spartanburg, South Carolina in the U.S. is the birthplace of most X-Series Vehicles.  This BMW factory is over 7 million square feet after a recent upgrade from additional investment.  Current production volume is more than 1,400 vehicles per day.

BMW Spartanburg Tour Details

BMW Plant Spartanburg offers 1- or 2-hour factory Tours with reservations available up to 3 months in advance.  For groups of 10 or more, a direct inquiry should be made.

1-hour tour: Walk along our assembly line and see for yourself how the Ultimate Driving Machine is Built. This tour begins with the painted body of the vehicle and ends with the completed vehicle driving out of the plant.

2-hour tour:  In addition to everything you will see in the 1 hour version, this tour includes a visit to the incredible new body shop where you will see sophisticated robotics build the frames of BMW vehicles.

BMW Factory Spartanburg Production LineRates – 1 Hour Tour:

  • Adult (Ages 21+): $10
  • Student* (Ages 12-20): $5
  • BMW Car Club Member*: $5

Rates – 2 Hour Tour:

  • Adult (Ages 21+): $15
  • Student* (Ages 12-20): $10
  • BMW Car Club Member*: $10

For groups with over 10 members please call: +1(888) 868-7269

*Students and club members must present their IDs and club cards at the time of arrival

BMW Spartanburg Factory Tour Booking website (different than European location booking site)

BMW Zentrum Museum (USA)

In addition to a factory tour, visit this one-of-a-kind building and experience the past, present and future of BMW in the only BMW museum in North America. Your senses will come alive as you feel the power of the BMW brand firsthand, from its beginnings in aviation and motorsports to its rise to prominence on the global stage. Take a self-guided trip through the museum to experience BMW exhibits that both astonish and inspire.

Here you will see BMW’s numerous milestones in both racing and touring vehicles. View rare and important vehicles from BMW’s past, such as the famous Isetta “Bubblecar”. As you stroll through the Zentrum, you’ll trace BMW’s pioneering spirit straight back to these beautifully restored classics. You can also explore what’s current in BMW, with exhibits that feature state-of-the-art technologies, including rarely seen models available through our exclusive collection.

Admission to the U.S. museum is free and is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm and is closed on public holidays.

Getting to BMW Factory Spartanburg

BMW Spartanburg Plant WebsiteBMW Production close-up

Location and Directions:

BMW Manufacturing Spartanburg – 1400 Highway 101 S; Greer, SC 29651

Distance – Approx. 2-2.5 Hours by Car from Charlotte, Ashville, Columbia or Atlanta area.

BMW Factory Tour Steyr (Austria)

Produced: Diesel Engine Assembly, Engine Assembly

Founded in 1979, BMW Group Plant in Steyr, Austria has become the company’s largest engine plant worldwide and the diesel engine center of competence for the entire BMW Group.

About 4,500 employees produce more than one million engines and around 13 million engine components per year. At peak times, 6,100 engines come off the assembly lines every working day – an average of one engine every 14 seconds.

BMW Factory Engine Production

Engines produced includes three, four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines.

Discover the world of diesel engine development on this factory tour, see how engine components are built and engines assembled, and learn how an engine works. Guided tours are offered for individuals and groups, with a minimum age of 14 years. Once Monthly Tours are offered in English for individual participants.  This tour may also be booked as an Exclusive tour subject to availability.

Due to seasonal production output and for reasons of prototype production, BMW Steyr may only be able to offer a restricted form of plant tours.

BMW Steyr Tour Details

BMW Steyr Plant Website

Book a Tour at BMW Steyr

Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours

Tour Cost:

  • Guided Tour: 8 EUR / 5 EUR Reduced*
  • Exclusive Guided Tour: 150 EUR / 120 EUR Reduced*
  • Groups size: up to 25 participants

Getting to BMW Factory Steyr

Location and Directions:

BMW Group Plant Steyr – Hinterbergerstraße 2; 4400 Steyr; Austria

From direction Vienna (Approx 2 hours): A1 exit Haag – B42 / B122 towards Steyr.

From direction Passau / Salzburg / Linz (1.5 – 2 hour): A1 exit Enns-West/Steyr – B309 towards Steyr.

From direction Graz (Approx 2 hours): A9 exit Klaus – B138 / B140 / B122 towards Steyr.

10 Tour Day Tips:

BMW Munich Foyer

  1. For each factory, you will be instructed to meet at a certain gate or “Tor”.  For the factories outside of Munich, there is generally ample parking and clear signage to put you at the right entrance. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive.
  2. Dress appropriate for a factory.  Some factories will offer lab coats which prevent dangling clothing from becoming caught in machinery (you won’t get THAT close to machinery, but it’s a reasonable precaution).  All factories require closed toe shoes, and may turn away those in open side, open back or high-heeled shoes.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, but do not arrive in flip flops or sandals as you will be denied entrance!
  3. Leave big backpacks and gear behind.  You will be required to place personal belongings such as cameras and cell phones in secure lockers (bring some extra EURO coins with you to release the key – your coin is returned when you replace the key).  Such equipment is not allowed into the factory and the lockers are not large.  If it’s a cold day and you arrive in a large jacket, the locker will accommodate it.
  4. Most factories allow accompanied children 14 and over.  You should check specifics for the factory you will visit.
  5. Be sure to use the restroom before the tour as you may not have an opportunity during the tour. Most visitor gathering spots have restrooms available at the starting point.  If you need to use a restroom during the tour, inform your guide and they will assist.
  6. Make sure to eat breakfast or a meal – you’ll be walking for a couple of hours.  Your tour won’t be strenuous, but there may not be an opportunity for a snack until the end unless you book a tour that includes a meal (some do).
  7. Photo taking of any kind is not allowed inside the factory.  Do not be offended if you are asked to check your cell phone with a guard or to leave it behind in a locker.  Being caught snapping a photo (unless cameras have been expressly allowed) could get you a security escort from the factory floor.
  8. Photos ARE allowed once you are OUTSIDE of the factory.  You will be allowed to snap photos of the exterior of the factory or any car which may drive by – and you may spot a rare or new bird (BMW model) in the car park that will make you glad that you did bring a camera!
  9. Do strike up a conversation with other tour guests.  You’re going to be in a room with a load of BMW fans and can enjoy some great conversation!
  10. Be sure to thank your Tour guide!  It is sometimes customary to give a tip of a Euro or two in the large group tours – you can follow the lead of others if you find that tips are accepted.  Have Euro coins on hand.

Reduced Entry Guidelines and General Tour Notice

Reduced Entry Fee:

Reduced entry is offered to Children and school students up to the age of 18, persons undergoing training, university students, disabled persons with escort, persons taking a year out for voluntary social or environmental service, unemployed persons, old age pensioners and the retired, members of BMW Clubs, the MGV (Association of Munich Tourist Guides) and the BVGD (Association of Tourist Guides in Germany), representatives of the press, BMW staff, holders of the BMW Card or the BMW Premium Card.

Guidelines from BMW:

  • Please be at the agreed meeting point 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
  • Please note that photo or video recordings are not permitted during the tour.
  • As the factory tour runs through production areas, it is mandatory to wear sturdy, closed shoes.
  • Walking distances may be up to four kilometers, the tours usually last between 2 and 2.5 hours.
  • The minimum age for participation in a factory tour is 14 years in the Berlin, Dingolfing, Landshut and Steyr locations, 10 years in the MINI plant in Oxford (individual visitor tour: 10 years, exclusive tour 14 years) in the Leipzig plant 6 (classic plant tour: 6 years / factory tour BMW i: 14 years) and 4 years in the Regensburg plant. Please note the applicable childcare key for underage visitors.
  • Not all areas of the factory tour are accessible to people with pacemakers* or insulin pumps.
  • *For health and safety reasons, people who wear a pacemaker are not allowed to take tours of the MINI plant in Oxford.
  • The usual factory tour is connected with climbing stairs. Please let BMW know when booking if you would like to visit BMW with people with reduced mobility.
  • At the factories in Dingolfing, Landshut, Oxford and Steyr, it is currently not possible for people with a wheelchair or walking aids to take part in the factory tour due to structural reasons.
  • The maximum group size is usually 25 people. The maximum group size at the Oxford plant is 15 people.
  • It is not allowed to bring animals.

European Contact:

For any questions regarding a booking, please do not hesitate to contact the BMW Visitor service center for further information. You may reach BMW Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Central European Time (CET), Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm CET on the following landlines:

+44 1865 8 25750 (Great Britain),

+49 89 382 15750 (Germany),

+43 72 52 888 15750 (Austria)

When you call, it will be very likely that English will be spoken.  If they answer in German simply say “hello” and they will adjust and assist!


BMW Factory Tour Manufacturing line
All photos courtesy of, and © Copyright BMW AG

If you are looking for an E-ticket tour to any of the BMW factories, the best advice would be to reserve no less than 3 (up to 6 months) in advance and to request an “Exclusive” or “Group” tour at whatever factory you visit.  In your request, be sure to specify that you would like your tour to be in English.  You will have an unforgettable experience and feel like a VIP.  Participating as an individual in a group tour is perfectly OK for all locations, and locations like Dingolfing and Regensburg as far fewer English speaking visitors come to these locations and your group is likely to be small.  – JK

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